Thursday, October 14, 2010

If sushi could talk....

When I was preggo I craved sushi. I craved it so much that I drew pictures of it. Sometimes I like to imagine my food talking to me. I know. I am strange.

Here is what they would say to me.

The sushi 12x18 print will be for purchase at APE. It will be up on my site for sale shortly after the show.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2 New Prints and APE this month

I finally got around to finishing 2 new prints. It took forever but I finally finished them. I know most of you know that I gave birth last Dec and well it has been pretty hard to keep up with Nanamation. I must say this has been a slow and not so productive year. My husband says I should give myself some slack since I did after all had a baby. But I feel like its no excuse to slack on my artwork.  Anyway way I am back on a schedule that I can manage and my son is a little older things are a bit easier. Hopefully I can speed things up.

Here are my two new artworks. Also Alternative Press Expo is this month. October 16-17. Come visit me and say hello!