Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Shirt Site

I decided to move over to when it comes to printing shirt. I am not sure if I will stay here. It could be possible for Comic Shows I will get a limited number printed but for now check out my site at

I decided to move it over here because to be honest - carrying inventory on shirts is a big investment and I work out of my home so this allows me to not keep so much inventory. I don't think I would have the space in my house to keep all these shirts. Also it makes customers happy. Now you can get any design on any style of shirt and size. This way it works. I think the key thing is to get it printed on lighter color shirts. The quality is ok. I admit that. Screenprinting shirts are better but its still a good shirt. Here are a few samples I ordered for myself. Not so bad. 

And here is two where they came out ok but I took out the gradients so going to get these two reprinted. 

Threadless will be handling all my shipping and returns now but if you got any questions then feel free to email me! If you don't see it a certain style of shirt email me as well. I can turn on the style you may want. Threadless offers a lot of different styles of shirts!

WonderCon this month...planning for Comic Con San Diego

WonderCon is just around the corner. This year WonderCon will be back at the Anaheim Convention Center on March 31-April 2. I am all set for that show and will be bringing a lot of old and new artwork. This year will be some new watercolor prints. Lately I have been painting watercolor a lot and sure enjoy it.

I am also thinking about new prints that I would like to bring to San Diego Comic Con in July. I know July is still whiles away but its less stress for me.

Here is one I have been working on. Yup another Mermaid? I know...I just gotta do a new mermaid every year.