Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year. We sure did! From the end of November to all the way to the end of December I was busy with non-Nanamation stuff. Besides the holidays, we have a lot of December birthdays in my family. Now that the holidays are over, and with it being a New Year it's time to get back to work on Nanamation artwork. I hope to be doing a lot more artwork and shows this year. There are a few out of state ones I have in mind that I hope to get into as well. Last year was a slow year for me with baby, but now that he is a toddler hopefully things will be different.

To start off with here are a few quick poop comics I did. Poop always seem to get a bad rap, when it it's so natural. I guess it has been on my mind a lot since I have a baby I clean up after. Also I can't forget the dog. Yes I pick up the dog poop and those who own dogs had better, too. That really makes me mad when I see owners who don't pick up the dog poop or pretend that they are picking it up. You know who you are! Shame on you. Ok..maybe I did it a few times but I didn't have a poop bag.