Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zombies and Brains

Last week we threw our good friend a Zombie Birthday Party. I signed up to make red velvet cupcakes and boy did I have fun decorating. The husband even helped out with the decorating. HE had a lot of fun.

I also crochet him a Zombie Bunny to keep to the theme. Here is the sketch.

Here is the Zombie bunny!!

I wrapped it in a bag w/a Hello Kitty Zombie Bag that I made. I bought a Hello Kitty coloring book and tore one of the pages and colored the Hello Kitty in Zombie Colors.
Boy oh boy..it was a fun weekend!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kimchee Pizza

That's right..Kimchee Pizza. When we had American food for dinner growing up, my mom would always find a way to put some Korean food into it. Back then I hated Kimchee Pizza but now I miss it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Comics strip for Nanamation?

When I go to comic cons a lot of people ask if Nanamation will be doing any comics or stories? I usually tell people "no" because I rather do the art and I am not much of a writer. I mean, I went to art school so I can avoid writing essays. However,  a while back I did a comic book called 'Nan and the Flies' that I gave away FREE. That was pretty fun. It was basically about me as a child catching flies. I had this weird obsession with catching flies. It's a long story.

Anyway I wanted to explore that area so I decided I'll try a few this month and see where it goes.

Here is two of them....

This one is called "What's for lunch". Growing up I wanted to have such a normal sandwich lunch! Instead I always got something with rice. Typical Asian mom!

This next one is called "comfort food". My husbands comfort food was grilled cheese sandwiches.  One of mine was boiled octopus w/rice and some hot sauce of course! YUM!