Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine Night

Valentine Night at my household was fun night for the boys. We had a non-veggie dinner which everyone was so happy about. I made drip beef sandwiches and it was fantastic. I used Pioneer Women's drip beef sandwich recipe. That woman rocks. I love her. The only difference is that I browned the meat in a pan and then added to my crock pot. I added some onions and beef broth and salt and pepper. Nothing fancy. I have kids so I don't have a whole lotta time.

Dessert was apple turnovers. I always try to keep puff pastry sheets in my freezer. I mean why not? I stock up when they are on sale. Its good to have around when you need to make a last minute dessert thing. I filled mine with some apples, oatmeal, brown sugar, flour and bread crumbs. Seriously you can't go wrong with this. 

My 2nd son's dessert was strawberry and homemade whipped cream (so I can control the amount of sugar that goes in the cream). 

Then I got my other son and husband some vday goodies. Whole Foods have a bulk candy section where you can pick and choose your own. They had agave gummy bears! I got my husband his favorite chocolate bar. Its dark but has a touch of milk. 

My husband end up getting me flowers. I know I said Vday was overrated but it was sure nice to get some flowers from hubby.